Learn the Path to A POWERFUL Birth

Discover how to combine the power of science & your intuition so you can give birth your way, confidently, without feeling overwhelmed.

What You're Getting Inside

A Path to A Powerful Birth

A Path to A Powerful Birth is a step-by-step process that walks you through how to access the power of evidence-based strategies and your inner strength to birth with confidence!

24/7 Lifetime Access (including all updates) to the Path to A Powerful Birth Classes 

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls, you’re finally going to get the support and accountability you deserve! 

Membership in a growing community of like-minded expectant parents to support and encourage you along the way! 

18 Meditations to ground you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Guides, cheat sheets, and resources to help you put what you’ve learned into ACTION!

"We benefited so much from you and your class...

...Incorporating movement, position changes, comfort measures, advocacy, and a whole lot of mom strength helped us have a successful VBAC! I heard your voice in my head for so much of it! Thank you so much for all your help and advice".


(VBAC Mom & Medical Doctor)

Your simple blueprint for a blissful birth is waiting for you!

Why You Can't Afford to Delay Your Birth Preparation

Here is What Some of 
Our Students Have to Say...

"Your resources and programs have just empowered me so much! I don't know how to thank you!"

First Time Birther

"Clara is a wonderful person to have with you every step of the way for your delivery journey. She has a warm, loving, and peaceful presence and helped me with so much emotionally and mentally."

Cesarean Birth

"Clara was the best thing to happen to our birth plan. We even named our daughter's middle name after her".

Mother of Four

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

"Eveniet quam natus et commodi minus consequuntur enim iure magnam nam fugit voluptas."

CEO / Founder

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If you’re not entirely BLOWN AWAY by the content and experience of your education inside A Path to A Powerful Birth, simply email info@clearlightbirth.com, prove you've completed the course material, and get a FULL REFUND.

 NOTE: If the ONLY thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in yourself and your growing family is fear of “will this work for me?” know that I will honor this guarantee without exception because I am committed to giving the best experience possible to my students. And if we are not the right fit, I am here to rectify the situation.

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Meet Clara O'Rourke

Clara (she/her), a researcher-turned doula and childbirth educator, brings a mix of science and mindful practices to birth work. She has supported thousands of families to prepare for beautiful birth experiences through her programs, resources, and services. 

Her passion? Supporting people - like you- learn how to harness their inner power during life's most magnificent transitions. 

Come as you are. As a neurodivergent and queer birth worker, Clara is passionate about creating inclusive spaces for people to access information and techniques for a calm and supported birth experience.

Is it for you or not for you?

Yes, it's totally for you if...

You believe birth is powerful and can change your life 

You know a blend of evidence-based information and mindset can drastically improve your birth experience 

You know that the medical system isn’t perfect, and you want to navigate it with more ease 

You value being a part of a community that is accepting and supporting all birthing people

This is probably not for you if...

You just want to get birth over with and don’t really care what the process looks like 

You don’t want to be informed about your options during labor 

You just want to trust the medical professionals even if their information is 15-20 years out of date 

You’re not accepting or respectful of people with different backgrounds or experiences  

Let's Recap

Join A Path to A Powerful Birth TODAY...


24/7 Lifetime Access The Path to A Powerful Birth Online Modules

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Membership in a growing online community of like-minded expectant parents 

18 Meditations to ground you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

Guides, cheat sheets, and resources to help you put what you’ve learned into ACTION!

BONUS: Fearless Birthing Module

BONUS: Must-Haves For Newborns & Postpartum

Total Value: $997


Still, have lingering questions? Reach out to info@clearlightbirth.com, and we will get your questions answered ASAP.

  • When does PPB Start?
    You'll get INSTANT access to the self-paced course content and get lifetime access. Our LIVE Q&A Calls are on the first Thursday evening of each month at 7:30 pm EST.
  • Shouldn't I take a childbirth class at the hospital?
    While it's great to tour your hospital facility, childbirth classes hosted by the hospital tend to be very basic. They glaze over the essentials needed for an empowering birth experience. What makes PPB unique is you get 24/7 access to the course information, virtual community, LIVE Q&A sessions, and the personalized support you need to prepare for your birthing day!
  • Can’t I just educate myself online using search engines and videos?
    A lot of that info you find online? It’s inaccurate! The benefit of A Path to A Powerful Birth® is that we curate all of the best, evidence-based information and get both you and your partner engaged in the learning process. You'll save hours of your time and lots of energy by taking a childbirth education class.
  • My friends told me that taking a childbirth class is a waste of time.
    There are a lot of poor-quality classes out there that have given childbirth education a bad reputation. PBB is designed to give you actionable information that is engaging and useful. PBB is motivating and fun to participate in. You will learn more than you could ever imagine and we guarantee you'll be happy with your experience!
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